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Court-Connected Mediation




Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism which can be used to resolve disputes. An impartial third party referred to as a Mediator assists the parties with identifying the true source of disputes and works with them to reach amicable resolutions. The Mediator is not a judge and, therefore, does not adjudicate and render final decisions on disputes. The parties to mediation are the only individuals who can decide on whether or not a settlement is reached resolving their dispute.


Mediation does not take place in the Courtroom, but at the Mediation Centre. There is a Mediation Centre in St. Kitts and a Mediation Centre in Nevis.


Mediation Co-ordinator: Teslyn Flanders


St. Kitts Mediation Centre: 869-465-2009 | 467-1336/7/2195


Nevis Mediation Centre: 869-469-0504

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